6P/6V motori trifase asincroni a doppia polarità in alluminio

Two-speed asynchronous three-phase aluminium motors – 6T series


Three-phase asynchronous electric motors with aluminium construction and two speeds: 2/4 poles and 4/8 poles single winding (Dahlander); 4/6 poles and 6/8 poles dual winding.

Elvem two-speed three-phase electric motors have been designed for all applications where speed changes are required during the production process.

As of 2017, Elvem two-speed asynchronous aluminium electric motors are identified by the following codes:

  • 6P (constant torque)
  • 6V (quadratic torque)

Before that, the codes used for three-phase electric motors were 6AP (constant torque) and 6AV (quadratic torque).

Our two-speed Elvem motors come as standard with a voltage of 400V +/-10%, IP55 protection rating and class F insulation.

Motors with special voltages TS, protection upgrades and other optional extras are available in the Custom Modifications section to suit your needs.

Standard IEC sizes from 71 to 132. Other sizes / pole configurations available to order.

Motor frame with modular foot for installation versatility; lifetime-lubricated sealed bearings. They are built for high efficiency and considerable overload capacity.


6P – 6V series 

We have all mounting arrangements in stock with the following pole configurations:

  • 2/4 poles (300/1500 rpm) constant torque Dahlander connection from 0.30/0.22 kW to 9.5/7.5 kW
  • 2/4 poles (300/1500 rpm) quadratic torque Dahlander connection from 0.35/0.08 kW to 10.3/2.6 kW
  • 4/8 poles (1500/750 rpm) constant torque Dahlander connection from 0.2/0.1 kW to 5.5/4 kW
  • 4/8 poles (1500/750 rpm) quadratic torque Dahlander connection from 0.22/0.05 kW to 6.1/1.4 kW
  • 4/6 poles (1500/1000 rpm) constant torque separate windings from 0.37/0.22 kW to 5.1/3.3 kW
  • 4/6 poles (1500/1000 rpm) quadratic torque separate windings from 0.15/0.08 kW to 5.9/2 kW
  • 6/8 poles (1000/750 rpm) constant torque separate windings from 0.18/0.13 kW to 3/2 kW
  • 6/8 poles (1000/750 rpm) quadratic torque separate windings from 0.25/0.09 kW to 3.5/1.5 kW


The following are also available on request:

  • 2/6 poles dual winding
  • 2/8 poles dual winding
  • 4/10 poles dual winding
  • 4/12 poles dual winding
  • 6/12 poles Dahlander YY-Δ
  • 6/12 poles Dahlander YY-Y
  • 4/16 poles dual winding
  • 8/16 poles Dahlander YY-Δ
  • 8/16 poles Dahlander YY-Y


  • Aluminium frame
  • Modular feet
  • Standard protection rating IP55. Other protection ratings available on request, see the Custom Modifications section
  • Lifetime-lubricated bearings
  • Standard insulation class F. Other insulation levels available on request, see the Custom Modifications section CLH

Standard coating RAL 5010. Other coatings available on request, see the Custom Modifications section VSP

Custom modifications


Stator winding designed to operate at ambient temperatures over 40 °C; we need to know the maximum expected ambient temperature in order to determine what special features are required for the motor to operate correctly.


Additional protection on the stator winding for use in environments with particularly high levels of humidity and widely fluctuating temperatures. Ensures greater resistance to moisture and makes the winding coils water repellent.


Motors operating in very humid (RH > 60%) or cold (T<-20 °C) environments, can be equipped with an anti-condensation heater to be used when the motor is stopped. The scoldiglia wraps the skeins of the winding; V-230 single-phase power is provided by auxiliary connectors located inside the main motor terminal box.


Thermal cutouts fitted on the winding consisting in a bimetal disc that snaps once the nominal service temperature is reached (NST = 135 °C), switching from a normally closed (NC) contact to an open contact. As the temperature decreases, the contact returns to its rest position (NC). On request, we can supply bimetal thermostats that work based on different trip temperatures, or normally open (NO) bimetal thermostats.


PTCs (positive temperature coefficient thermistors) are semiconductors that show a rapid variation in resistance around the nominal trip temperature, which is usually 150 °C (on request, we can supply PTCs in the 90 to 160 °C range). Installed on the winding, these sensors are small in size, have very fast response times and are practically wear-free; their usual application is in controlling alarms, and the recommended supply voltage is in the 2.5 to 7.5VDC range; resistance with the motor idle or during regular operation is around 80 ohms; if the winding overheats, this value jumps to over 1000 ohms. Unlike bimetal thermostats (Klixon), PTCs cannot control relays directly, and therefore must be connected to a special cutout device. The terminals are located in a free-floating terminal strip inside the motor’s terminal box.


Platinum resistor producing a linear change in resistance with increasing winder temperature. It is particularly suitable for applications where you need continuous monitoring of temperature variations and (unlike the PTC) the PT100 can transmit the signal even where cabling is particularly long.


Platinum resistor producing a linear change in resistance with increasing bearing temperature, being installed near the bearings; it can transmit the signal even where cabling is particularly long. An option for MEC200 and up.


IP56 protection rating (protected from dust ingress and from high-pressure water jets from any direction)


IP65 protection rating (protected from total dust ingress and from low-pressure water jets from any direction)


IP66 protection rating (protected from total dust ingress and from high-pressure water jets from any direction).


Under certain service conditions, the stator and all motor parts need to be totally protected by insulating them electrically by means of a special resin that fills all the voids inside the motor, resulting in the winding being completely protected from water or other liquids.


In the case of operation in particularly humid environments or in the presence of strong temperature variations, it’s possible to drill the motor casing to facilitate the drainage of condensation; to position them in the most appropriate way it is necessary to know the position of the engine.


For outdoor applications with the motor in a vertical mounting and shaft down position, it is best to fit the fan cover with a metal drip cover.


Surface finish for use in environments classified as C5M according to standard ISO 12994 (marine coating).


On request, the motor can be supplied without a cooling fan, with a blank rear endshield. There must still be sufficient airflow around the unit to ensure cooling, or the type of service must involve sufficiently long rest cycles to allow the motor to cool down.


For use at high ambient temperatures, an aluminium cooling fan can be used instead of its thermoplastic resin counterpart.


Side-mounted terminal box for B3. With the B3 mounting position, the terminal box comes mounted at the top as standard; on request, it can be moved to a location on the side. This optional extra comes in a BLS version for cast iron motors with B3 mount.


With some applications it is necessary to have the motor terminal box in a rear position, near the fan cover. Available on request for most engines; consult Elvem to verify its feasibility.


Option that allows you to reduce the radial size of the motor and speed up wiring operations; available on request for all standard single and double polarity motors. The terminal box is completely removed.


Second shaft end produced with NDE shaft extension; please specify the diameter, length, key size. Contact us for use in conjunction with other optional extras.


For special applications, we can supply motors with shafts made from customer’s specific design; it’s necessary to specify the diameter, length, dimensions and position of the key.


If necessary, rotate the motor. We can manage the NDE end by inserting a hexagonal maneuvering slot.


For special applications, we can supply motors with a flange custom-made to your specific design; please check feasibility with our engineering department after submitting the drawing.


When dealing with high radial loads on the shaft DE, the cylindrical roller bearing can be used. It comes as standard on motors in 4-, 6- and 8-pole configurations from MEC315 to MEC450


Where the motor is mounted in a vertical shaft position, we recommend the use of angular contact ball bearings on size 280 and up to sustain the axial load on the shaft. Take special care with shaft orientation (shaft up or shaft down) and v the mounting position based on the “Types of construction and mounting arrangements” chart. On request, we can also supply motors with tapered roller bearings.


In electric motors driven by inverters, potential differences can be generated between the ends of the shaft which develop high frequency eddy currents that are potentially harmful to the rolling elements and raceways.


Modification allowing the motor shaft to rotate just one way with the application of a backstop bearing: in the free rotation direction, there is no contact between the backstop’s inner race and outer race; in the opposite direction, motor shaft rotation is stopped by the sprags sandwiched between the two races. This application allows the unit to withstand particularly high torque levels (even over 1000 Nm), though the minimum speed of rotation must never drop below 600 rpm, except during starting and stopping.


Transducers that’re used to monitor the functioning of bearings on electric motors; the analysis of the type of vibration of the bearing allows the identification of anomalies relating to rotor balancing, lubrication or wear of the rolling elements and motion transmission, allowing maintenance interventions to be better planned.


Pressurized cartridge to be fixed in correspondence with the bearing grease nipples which allows constant and regular lubrication; indicated when the engine is installed in a position that is not easily accessible for maintenance.


Where the motor is required to operate at extreme temperatures, best practice is to use bearings with special high-temperature greases (CAT – for ambient temperature in excess of 50 °C) or low-temperature greases (CBT – ambient temperature below -25 °C).


For motors due to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, you can ask us for the relevant ATEX certification; any parts used (brake, forced ventilation unit, encoder, etc.)


Declaration of conformity for US and Canadian markets; can be provided for most of our standard and brake motors. Cannot be issued for ATEX and GOST motors. UL-CSA-compliant motors have the code TM.


Declaration of conformity for US and Canadian markets; can be provided for most of our standard and brake motors. Cannot be issued for ATEX and GOST motors. UL-CSA-compliant motors have the code TM.


For use on brake motors due to be installed in a potentially explosive atmosphere.


In some applications, the brake needs to be powered directly from the motor’s terminal box.


For use on brake motors running at voltages other than the standard 230V 50Hz or 400V50Hz; permissible tolerance on voltage for AC brakes is 6%; for anything over this limit, please contact Elvem.


Allow to accelerate the response of the rectifier of a DC brake, halving the excitation times of the electromagnet.


Device designed to manually release the brake’s armature and hence allow the motor shaft to rotate. Brake release lever. Device designed to manually release the brake’s armature and hence allow the motor shaft to rotate


Signal switch that detects brake opening and closing.


Rubber seal that protects the brake face from the ingress of foreign matter, ensuring its lasting efficiency and long service life.


Protective casing that covers the brake assembly completely to produce an IP56-rated brake motor: can be supplied for type K (direct current) and type C (alternating current) motors. It is not compatible with the manual release lever.


To achieve gradual motor acceleration, we install a cast iron fan that acts as a flywheel.


Electronic auxiliary capacitor. Auxiliary capacitor for high peak torque: 1.5 s after the motor starts, it cuts out automatically by means of a built-in electronic switch. It is not suitable for applications with a starting time of less than 1.5 s. There must be a 6s interval between one start and the next.


Type of symmetrical single-phase winding (also called two-phase) used when it is necessary to reverse the direction of rotation of the motor with simplified wiring; Two-phase winding that works as single-phase with the capacitor always powered; to be used when it is necessary to reverse the direction of rotation of the motor with simple circuits.


We produce fully programmable motors incorporating a vector inverter and built-in PLC, for single-phase power ratings up to 1.1kW and three-phase up to 22kW. The inverter housing is made from die-cast aluminium and the protection rating is IP65 up to and including 7.5kW, and IP55 for higher outputs. The INTEGRATED DRIVE MOTOR optional extra can be used in conjunction with other custom modifications (forced ventilation, brake, encoder, special voltages, etc.). Refer to the relevant literature and contact Elvem with your queries.


On request, we can apply an encoder on the rear of the motor; this is a feedback device that reads the shaft’s rotation and provides a signal (standard: 1024 pulses/revolution, PP/LD universal circuit, supply voltage 5-30 V, protection rating IP65).


Cooling with axial electric fan for variable speed drives, and/or for heavy operating cycles, which guarantees adequate heat exchange regardless of the rotation of the motor. We are also able to supply motors with Atex certified servo-ventilation.

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