The single-phase asynchronous electric motors are used in fans, pumps, machine tools and household appliances of limited power, when three-phase power supply is not available (e.g. in homes or craft businesses).

They have unified sizes and performances and guarantee the same performances as those of the three-phase motors, but without the efficiency and flexibility of the corresponding three-phase motors.

The single-phase motors always have at least one capacitor to allow the shaft to rotate.

Elvem manufactures single-phase asynchronous motors with one or two capacitors.

The 6M series comprises single-phase motors with a single permanent capacitor, while the 6L series consists of single-phase motors with double capacitor, one of which is permanently enabled and the other – auxiliary – is enabled only in the start-up phase to ensure greater torque; the auxiliary capacitor is automatically disconnected after a few seconds from start-up by means of a mechanical centrifugal circuit breaker or by means of an electronic switch.