Elvem supplies asynchronous electric motors with three-phase, single-phase and double-polarity aluminium casing. Standard size ranges from MEC 56 to MEC160, with IE4, IE3, IE2, and IE1 efficiency.
The casing of the three-phase asynchronous motors has an accurate, square section design. It is designed for optimal cooling and easy installation and maintenance.

It is equipped with lifting devices on all sides, which ensure easy handling of the motor.
Foot fastening point is parallel to the centre line of the casing.

The foot attachment is modular allowing you to have the motor with right or left side base.
The terminal block box can spin to adjust the cable glands in the optimal direction.
Anchoring is simple and ensures excellent stability in all fixing positions.

Main and special shaft-flange coupling dimensions

More technical information available in the download area.

Motori elettrici in alluminio

Axle height: da 56 a 160

Modular Feet