During the 1960s, Luciano Baron founded EBL Elettromeccanica Baron Luciano.

The company, based in Bassano del Grappa, 70 km from Venice, soon became a reference point for the design and manufacture of electric motors and rotating electric machines.
EBL, empowered by an increasingly established reputation, begins to approach international markets, particularly in Europe and South America.
This factor, combined with the industrial development that characterizes Northern Italy of those years, drives Luciano Baron to create Elvem Motori Elettrici at the end of the 60s.
The aim behind Elvem’s foundation is to create a company able to market EBL’s electric motors dynamically and flexibly, meeting both the needs of the industrial districts of precision mechanics of Triveneto, among the most important in the world, and the requests from other countries.


Elvem has established itself over the years in the motor market, becoming the benchmark for specialized companies. Elvem electric motors are suitable for the most diverse machines.  Present throughout Italy and in more than 40 countries worldwide, with a stock of more than 95,000 motors, Elvem boasts a rich network of distributors, at both national and international level.
Over the years, Elvem has continued to invest in technology and know-how to address the needs of its customers. Examples include:
• the expansion of the three-phase asynchronous electric motors range by introducing the IE4-efficiency  motors;
• the “turnkey” service for the supply of integrated motor inverters
• the test room that features three certified test benches of the latest generation and other test equipment.


  • 1960

    Luciano Barona founds l'Elettromeccanica EBL

  • 1966

    ELVEM is set up alongside EBL

  • 1993

    Transfer to new headquarters covering 2000m2

  • 1999

    The production of brake motors begins

  • 2008

    The Ie1 efficiency series is introduced

  • 2011

    The IE1 series is supplemented by the IE2 high performance series

  • 2014

    Ie3 Premium Efficiency arrives

  • 2015

    New plant covering 6500 m2

  • 2015/16

    Innovation continues with the IE4 Super Premium Efficiency series

  • 2017

    Elvem Drive Motor

  • 2019

    PM Motors

  • 2020

    Expansion of the rehearsal space