Elvem manufactures self-braking asynchronous electric motors with three-phase aluminium and cast iron casing, single phase and double polarity. Elvem self-braking motors are available in all efficiency classes.
The brake can be in alternating current, brake C, or DC, brake K, R, S, H; high or low braking torque.
The size ranges from MEC 63 to 280; 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole versions are available, with two poles and single phase.
Production is divided according to the main types of brake.
The purpose of the brake is to stop the rotation of the mechanical shaft.

Elvem industrial asynchronous self-braking electric motors

Different criteria determine the definition of the braking torque, and it can be chosen based on project data.
In addition to the technical data and the calculation of the same — information available in the download area or by contacting our technicians — it is important to know other elements, such as environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.) and motor assembly position, which can prove useful in determining the most efficient operating mode of the brake.

Aluminium Brake Motors SERIE 6

Shaft Heights: da 56 a 160

Modular foot


Cast Iron Brake Motors SERIE 7

Shaft Heights: da 160 a 450

Built-in feet


Thermistor Device PTC