Heating Ventilation – Air Conditioning

HVAC – Compressors Ventilation – Compressors Cooling

Air conditioning, conditioning, air purification are integral parts of buildings with commercial and industrial activities.

This area is characterized in particular by the use of 2, 4 and 6 pole motors with double polarity.

Thanks to its stock of more than 8,000 sqm, Elvem can offer quick deliveries and work the motors according to customer’s requirements. In particular, HVAC systems require thermal protection thermistors (PTC) and special voltages.

Air conditioning and heating – Air handling – Exhaust systems

Since these appliances are often installed outdoors or in harsh environments subject to low temperatures or temperature fluctuations, they need protections. Elvem motors are multi-voltage and multi-frequency. They are robust, with standard protection rating IP55, but the motors can also be supplied on request with protection IP 56, IP65, IP66.

The motors can be made with special extended or custom-design shafts.

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